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Don’t Forget An Annual Eye Exam

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Let's be honest, our lives are busy, and when we finally have some time to ourselves, the last thing we are thinking about is an annual eye exam. Sure we know that having an eye exam is important, but we justify pushing it off by saying "do I really need an eye exam if my prescription is still fine?"

Our optometrists in Lewis Center educate patients that an eye exam is more than just making sure your eyeglasses prescription is up to date. Just like we have a physical, we should have an annual comprehensive eye exam.

What does an eye exam detect? And why is a comprehensive eye exam so important?

During an exam, our Lewis Center optometrists will assess the following:

  • Asses your medical history, and address any ongoing issues
  • Renew your prescription for glasses and contact lenses
  • Discuss symptoms that may indicate dry eye, blepharitis, or MGD- conditions that cause dryness, crusty eyes, a gritty feeling, eye fatigue, and red eyes
  • Discuss the patient's visual needs, such as working in a dusty area, spending a lot of time outdoors or on the computer, or frequent night driving.
  • Evaluate your color vision, binocular vision (ability for both eyes to work in tandem), neurological vision related tasks.
  • Screen for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, macular degeneration and more.

In addition to screening for disease and providing solutions for your individual vision needs, our Lewis Center optometrists and opticians can help you look and feel your best.

We can help your eyes feel healthy and happy by protecting them from damage inflicted by UV rays and blue light (emitted from cell phones and computers). One of the most common complaints our Lewis Center Optometrists hear is, "my eyes feel tired and overworked, I have frequent discomfort after using the computer or cell phone".

So don't wait, stop by our amazing new optometry practice and optical in Lewis Center, conveniently located in the Mount Carmel Medical Center.

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