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See if Daily Contact Lenses Are Right For You

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Your Source for Daily Disposable Contacts in Lewis Center

With virtually no necessary maintenance and ultimate convenience, daily contact lenses are the current rage in eyewear for a busy lifestyle. All you need to do is insert these disposable contacts (nicknamed dailies) in the morning, wear them throughout the day, remove and throw them out before bedtime. The next morning, insert a fresh new pair and start the process over. Sound attractive to you? To get started with wearing dailies, visit our Lewis Center eye doctors for an eye exam and contact lens fitting.

To determine if daily contact lenses are a good for your eyes and your lifestyle, here’s a rundown of the basic benefits:  

Maximum Convenience & User Friendly

Consider your daily schedule. Do you have spare time to add the routine of sterilizing contacts to your regimen? Caring for daily disposable contacts is a breeze that takes only seconds out of your day. In addition, you won’t need to clear any precious shelf space in the bathroom for disinfectant solutions! People who travel also love the ease of dailies, as there is no need to pack eye care supplies except enough pairs of contact lenses for your trip.

Economical Eyesight

If you wear your lenses only a few times a week or on special occasions, daily disposable contacts are a real money-saver. Also, you won’t need to purchase any expensive cleaning solutions. So, while it is true that a year’s supply of dailies is costlier than a year of monthly lenses, your bottom-line price will not be higher. Currently, daily contact lenses average about $1 - $1.50 per day, which is about the same as your steaming jolt of caffeine.

Optimal Eye Health

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Many scientific studies have demonstrated that disposable contacts lead to less complications. The rate of eye infections and eye irritation is reduced significantly – some estimates even put the number at 6x less than with conventional contacts! This is particularly important for anyone with an erratic or jam-packed daily schedule, because finding the time to disinfect contacts properly can be a challenge.

Soothing Sight for Sore Eyes

Because you insert a fresh pair of contacts every day, there’s no time for airborne irritants, debris, allergens, and protein deposits to accumulate on the surface of your lenses. If you have eye allergies, this can make the difference between being able to wear contacts comfortably or not at all -  since pollen won’t get stuck on your daily contact lenses.

Crisp Vision

Let’s return to the basics of why you are wearing contacts in the first place – to see clearly. Daily disposable contact lenses come in first place for sharp vision. Studies show that vision quality with dailies is far superior to standard contacts. Do you have a hard-to-fit vision conditions? Fortunately, dailies come in a wide range of prescriptions, including for complex eye problems.

It’s Easy to Fit Daily Disposable Contacts into Your Life

Visit our Lewis Center optometry practice for a contact lens eye exam and fitting. Once you have your up-to-date prescription, replenish your supply from our complete inventory of premium disposable contact lenses.

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