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Shooting Glasses and Hunting Eyewear

Firearms can be dangerous, all having some recoil. Most shooting occurs outside, where elements such as dust, wind, and sun can potentially harm eyes. While engaged in shooting activities, both indoors and outdoors, make sure to wear protective eyewear. Our staff at Professional VisionCare are available, serving Lewis Center and the surrounding areas, for your shooting eyewear needs.

Generally, sports goggles, that you can buy without prescription, will protect your eyes if you wear contacts or don’t need glasses. These goggles wrap around your face to protect your eyes from the elements. Make sure to buy goggles with lenses made of polycarbonate- the strongest lens material available.

Features of Shooting Glasses

Glasses for shooters are specially designed and have important features-features that are more specialized to shooting than the average, popular frame. The most important feature is that the frame has a safety rating. Never buy a pair of shooting glasses that does not have a safety rating. These models have a strong rim which holds the lenses in place. A “sweat bar” is available on some models, causing the frame to be more stable on your face. Other models use padding on the frame around the eyes, which cushions the frame on your face-giving your face protection from gun recoil and adding protection against the elements.

Glasses for shooting often have temples with spring hinges. This style of hinge allows the frame to move without breaking. Certain models of shooting glasses often include temples that wrap around your ear-helping keep the frame in the correct position on your face. Features that make the frames more comfortable include soft silicon pads around the nose-helping to keep the frame in place. Shooting glass frames could be constructed from different metals and titanium, plastic and polycarbonate.

Lenses for Shooting Glasses

Shooters, in Lewis Center and the surrounding areas, have chosen polycarbonate lenses with UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating as their lens of choice for years. Polycarbonate lenses are resistant to impact, and they also give “bounce back” and “blow back” protection. Recently newer materials have been developed for lenses, making them great choices for shooters as well.

Non-prescription shooting glasses often come with interchangeable lenses. These lenses are used when facing varied conditions of light. If you need prescription lenses, you can order your lenses in different colors. Shooters often enjoy using orange or yellow colored lenses. These colors of lenses block blue light, as well as haze. They also offer a more vivid hue of orange, which is often the color of the target. For foggy or low light shooting, a bright yellow lens is appropriate.

A light purple lens is good for seeing an orange target when the background is green trees. Purple lenses are a mixture of vermilion and gray. Some shooters like vermilion because this color helps see a natural outdoor background, and also helps the target to stand out. Gray is a great choice if you prefer a neutral color. A gray lens allows you to see all colors naturally-making them perfect in strong sunlight.

Polarized lenses are available in most colors. These lenses are good for use in the outdoors and when shooting near water, as they reduce glare.

For your shooting eyewear needs, contact our staff at Professional VisionCare at 614-898-9989  to schedule an appointment today. If you are unsure about these options, read more about Contacts & Glasses that Enhance Performance.

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