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The Importance of Sunglasses for Children

There are many different things that a parent will think about when sending their children outside. What type of clothes they’re wearing, what type of shoes or even what type of coat they have on. Of all the things that parents typically think about,  many don't consider that their child should be wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses are a very important part of your child eye health. If your child spends a good amount of time outside, they can absorb as much as half of their lifetime ultraviolet radiation exposure by the time they're 18 years old. This is why making sure your child has the proper UV protection and that they wear sunglasses is even more critical.

Too Much UV Exposure

Overexposure to the sun can put your child’s eyes at risk from conditions such as photokeratitis (snow blindness). This sunburn like condition will typically cause a temporary vision loss for anywhere up to 48 hours. Another condition that UV light can cause is Pterygium (Surfer's eye). This causes a growth to form on the surface of the eye that is swollen and itchy. Pterygium can be quite uncomfortable and oftentimes requires surgery to be removed. If you are worried about your child’s eyes after sun exposure, contact our eye doctors at Professional VisionCare in Lewis Center, OH. Our caring staff will help get your child in the proper UV protection today.

Extended UV Exposure

Extended or long-term exposure can lead to many different types of eye diseases. These include:

  • Cataracts - causes vision loss when the lens in the eye clouds up.
  • Macular degeneration - can also be caused by UV exposure and cause permanent vision loss or low vision.
  • Cancer of the eye, eyelid or skin around the eye.

Wearing a wide lens or a lens that wraps around will help protect your eyes and the areas around the eyes from UV exposure and will help reduce the damage talked about above. The fact that these problems can be caused by an accumulation of UV exposure that happens over time makes it extremely important that you take measures to prevent this as early as possible. This is why it is important to get your children used to wearing sunglasses when they go outside from a young age.

Sunglasses for Kids

It can be hard to find quality sunglasses for children. First of all, you want to make sure that they block UV absorption up to 400 nanometers and that the lenses have 100% UVA and UVB protection. You also want to make sure that the frames cover as much of the eye and the surrounding area as possible. You also want to make sure that the lenses are made of Trivex or Polycarbonate. This is especially important in active children because the lenses will be much more durable in case of any impact.

Prescription Sunglasses

If your child already wears glasses, there are a few easy solutions for sun exposure. Get them a pair of glasses with photochromic lenses that get darker when the sun hits them. This type of lens will make your life a little easier because you don’t have to worry about your child losing their glasses when they switch from one pair to the other. They only have one pair that fills two roles. If you would like to discuss this or other options, contact our eye doctors at Professional VisionCare.

Make sure that you involve your child in the selection process because a child is much more likely to wear a pair of glasses that they help choose. This is one way to ensure that they will actually wear the glasses. Also, make sure that you purchase a strong storage case and talk with your child to make sure that they understand the best way to keep their glasses safe. Learn more about Prescription Sunglass Treatments.

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