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our optometrist are the best eye doctors in Columbus oh

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Showcasing Art Work From The Special Needs Community

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Read the Press Release About the Special Needs Art Gallery at Professional Vision Care!

We are so excited about our latest project in partnership with the Open Door art studio. We have unique art work created by incredibly talented and inspirational special needs artists in our community. Our goal is to be a force of good in the community, and to change lives through innovative vision care. The Open Door Art Studio & Gallery exhibition goes hand in hand with our goals and provides a welcoming environment that shows genuine appreciation of all our diverse patients. The artwork is available for sale.

What Is Not Your Ordinary Eye Doctor?

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Not Your Ordinary Eye Doctor is a highlight on the commitment we have made to make our patients lives and our communities a better place. The doctors and staff at Professional Vision Care see our practice as a tool for improving the lives of those around us. Every optometrist not only possesses a passion for a unique specialty of eye care, they also share the vision that makes us Not Your Ordinary Eye Doctor.

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More Inspirational Stories...

“Dr. Amy is terrific! She has always taken excellent care of my eyes. She takes the time to make sure I am seeing as good as I possibly can! Before coming to Professional Vision Care, I went to several doctors here in Wheeling and they would all try to give me monovision contacts which gave me horrible headaches. My brother told me about Professional Vision Care and since then, I have the best fitting contacts! On a scale of 1-10, Dr. Amy is 250!!” – David Ranson, Wheeling, West Virgina

“While doing chores I had barn lime get into my right eye and was taken to the Professional Vision Care late at night, Dr. Johnson went the extra mile for me when treating my eye. I would highly recommend the staff and optometrist at Professional Vision Care, their level of care and compassion doesn’t end at the office door.” – Ryan Ford, Johnstown, Ohio

“I have very difficult eyes, and Dr. Nixon is the only doctor who has gotten my monovision contact lens prescription just right. I feel like I’m seeing 20/20 all the time. He is so patient with me when I’m in. He is always striving for perfection and willing to work with me and my husband’s schedule to get in together. I’m always excited to see Dr. Nixon! He’s worth the 240 mile round trip we make to come see him!” – Donna Ranson, Wheeling, West Virgina

“Dr. Burns’ enthusiasm and love for her work shines through each time we work together. Your support and continued encouragement are heartfelt. Thank you for all you have done for me. Your staff have been there every step of the way. I thank you for the gift you have given me…the ability to read again. As a stroke survivor, I never thought I would regain the ability to read. You gave me all the tools I needed to read again. You know reading is such a passion of mine. I can’t thank you enough.” – Steve Strasser, Dublin, Ohio

“Allie is a twin who has always been a little behind her sister in academic and sport skills. We did not think much of it until she got into the 4th grade and was still having trouble reading and making sense of things. She had some trouble with sports i.e. directing the soccer ball where she wanted it to go. Allie was thought to have ADD. We spent about 6 months getting her tested and knowing there was something going on but could not pinpoint it. She started on ADD medicine and reacted terribly to it. That told us she was not ADD. Back to square one.

We were in my internist office and the nurse mentioned that her daughter had similar symptoms as Allie and suggested we try vision therapy. FINALLY we got some answers! Within a three month period Allie was reading books at night to put herself to sleep – a first ever. She was playing soccer much better and feeling very confident with herself.

I wish we had started her earlier in vision therapy since now she is playing catch up. She will eventually catch up, however, how nice it would have been to have had that in elementary school vs. middle school.” – Kathy Schlemitz, Dublin, Ohio

“Dr Nancy is great with Julie, as I’m sure she is with all children. Dr Nancy might have chosen any other profession and had a successful life, but she would have missed her calling! She truly is called to vision therapy and to improving the “world of sight” for those with difficulties such as Julie’s. This has been such a positive experience for Julie in so many ways. I know her time here, with all of you, will continue to impact Julie long after vision therapy has concluded. Thank you for providing your essential service to Julie and teaching all of us about the difference between sight and vision.” – Kathy Place, Pataskala, Ohio


Please note that between June 10-19, our parking lot will undergo pavement resurfacing and reconstruction.

However, there will be an area reserved for client parking during this period.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.