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I had never witnessed my son smile while reading

Our son experienced difficulty with study habits throughout school experience and was prescribed glasses at age 10 by a different eye doctor. Prescription was so strong that he would not wear glasses. Teachers at school gave up insisting he wear them. We called the eye doctor- he offered no helpful suggestions other than to have our son get a book of mazes, and work them to exercise his eyes. Seven years later, after taking SATs and ACTs and only being able to finish a little over half of each test, we knew something had to be wrong. Our son went to a very good school, and was articulate. He can be idioticat times (if you think your kids are perfect, you're wrong) but we knew it had to be a processing issue- we just didn't know what the problem was. At The Solution Center, Dr. Burns tested our son MUCH more thoroughly than the first eye doctor had done. There were tests we had not known existed. For the first time, we could see for ourselves (on a computer screen) the severe disparity between his eyes' tracking patterns. Dr. Burns prescribed glasses AND vision therapy, which my son enjoyed. Vision therapy wasn't covered by insurance and was VERY expensive, but worth every penny. No regrets. The first pair of glasses was temporary- one of the lenses was only half the strength, because the difference in the way each eye was tracking was so dramatic that had he been given full prescription strength glasses, our son would have been nauseated and dizzy. This is how he felt over seven years earlier. I had never witnessed my son smile while reading. His SAT and ACT scores improved enough to qualify him for colleges that would not have considered him had they only seen the first test scores. I WISH other offices and doctors were so driven to make each experience personalized and thorough. My son's academic experience would have been MUCH better if we had taken him to Dr. Burns first. About three years ago, I noticed my own vision was not what it should be. It was tiring to read for any reasonable length of time. I'd been wearing glasses for about seven years, but things were worse. Dr. Burns gave me an exam and found that I suffered from the same eye issue as my son. I was so impressed with Dr. Burns and with the Solution Center that I insisted my husband see this team as well. As to the two negative reviews: I agree that sometimes the staff appears perfunctory. The place runs like a well-oiled machine. This can be frustrating- I too have felt a lack of empathy at times. The staff must do things systematically and move on. There are so many people who come to this office and the reason is that the doctors are thorough, and the result is better eye care. The staff is trained in a specific way, and while someone may have been new and seemed inept, this is absolutely not the norm. If anyone seems snooty or brusque, it probably is not the intent. My ONLY personal gripe is that the frames are so expensive. There does not appear to be any attempt to provide a variety of price options. I now wear prescription sunglasses when I am outside, without fail. I'm 48 and this practice helps prevent glaucoma. The staff strongly encourages prescription sunglasses, for good reason. It seems like a luxury to many- it certainly seemed frivolous to me at first. I honestly thought it was just an excuse to make more money. I'm very glad I invested in sunglasses, though. When I'm driving or working in the yard, I see beautifully and do not squint. Less tension in the face makes a big difference, and if I'm preventing blindness, that's great. I would highly recommend Professional VisionCare and The Solution Center, especially if you notice your child avoids studying, hates reading aloud. Children make fun of kids who struggle to do what seems easy for everybody else. Behavioral issues arise. Years of this can truly have a detrimental effect on a child. If your child is a candidate for vision therapy, she may fight the process if she is very young. This is because it's actually a physically demanding, redundant activity. Stick with it.

- Hildegarde B.

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