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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is an individualized program of physical therapy for the eyes and brain – it is a highly effective form of treatment for non-refractive vision problems such as low vision, eye alignment and lazy eye. It can help correct vision related learning issues and even improve vision related sports performance.

Visual conditions that cannot be treated adequately with just glasses, contact lenses and/or patching are best resolved through a program of Vision Therapy.

Supervised, treatment programs are designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. Vision Therapy sessions include procedures intended to enhance the brain's ability to control:

  • eye alignment
  • eye teaming
  • eye focusing abilities
  • eye movements
  • visual processing

Visual-motor skills and endurance are developed through the use of specialized computer and optical devices, including therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters. During the final stages of therapy, the patient's newly acquired visual skills are reinforced and made automatic through repetition and by integration with motor and cognitive skills.

Vision Therapy can be the answer to many visual problems! Don't hesitate to contact our optometry practices in Westerville and Johnstown, OH with your questions. To read definitions of Vision Therapy by outside sources, visit children-special-needs.org. You are also invited to look through a National Catalog of hundreds of Vision Therapy Success Stories.

  • Vision Therapy is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems such as low vision, vision related learning issues and even sports therapy.
  • In the case of learning disabilities, vision therapy is specifically directed toward resolving visual problems which interfere with reading, learning and educational instruction.
  • In the world of sports vision therapy can improve eye-hand coordination, depth perception, visual reaction time, peripheral awareness, eye teaming, focusing, tracking, and visualization skills (to mention just a few).