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Rehabilitative Vision for Vision Impairment

Both children and adults with visual challenges can benefit by rehabilitative Vision Therapy our eye doctors in Westerville, OH offer for conditions such as:

Low Vision Treatment in Johnstown and Westerville, OH

Low Vision is the term used to describe reduced eyesight that cannot be fully corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. The primary causes of low vision are eye diseases, but low vision also can be inherited or caused by an eye or brain injury. Vision Therapy can be used to improve Low Vision.

Poor Binocular Coordination

Vision Therapy helps individuals develop normal coordination and teamwork of the two eyes (binocular vision). In short this means that both your eyes work together because, when one’s eyes fail to work together as an effective team, performance in many areas such as reading, sports and depth perception can suffer.

Strabismus and Amblyopia

Vision Therapy programs offer much higher cure rates for Strabismus and Amblyopia, commonly known as turned eyes and/or lazy eye, when compared to eye surgery, glasses, and/or patching, without therapy. The earlier the patient receives Vision Therapy the better, however, our office has successfully treated patients well past 21 years of age.

More information about Strabismus and Amblyopia can be found at:

Stress-induced Visual Difficulties

Our lifestyles demands more from our vision than ever before. Children and adults constantly strain their eyes at work and at home reading, doing close up work and sitting in front of a computer for hours. All these activities put stress on our visual system and can induce eyestrain, headaches, and/or visual difficulties. Many of these can be effectively treated with corrective lenses and/or Vision Therapy.

  • Find out more about Vision Therapy and the elimination of blurry vision, headaches, and eyestrain at Success with Symptoms.

Neurological Disorders or Trauma

Vision can be compromised as a result of neurological disorders or trauma to the nervous system (such as, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, whiplash, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, etc.). Vision Therapy can effectively treat the visual consequences of these types of brain traumas, including double vision.

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