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Changing Lives Through Our Innovative Vision Care In Westerville


Professional VisionCare Westerville: Home Of The Dinosaur

At Professional VisionCare in Westerville you are welcome to experience eyecare unlike any other. Our team of eye doctors, opticians, and staff are dedicated to making your experience unforgettable.

We are a family-friendly practice, located conveniently on State Street and E Walnut Street, make sure to visit our friendly giant dinosaur that can be seen from State Street.

Our full service optometry practice boasts an incredible collection of designer frames, a comprehensive selection of the latest contact lenses, and a staff of passionate optometrists with a wide range of specialties and extensive experience.

sunglasses2 sunglasses2 An Extensive Collection Of Designer Frames

Our Westerville optical is stocked with an incredible selection of designer frames to match your style and budget. Our opticians hand select frames that match our stringent criteria for quality, style and value. In addition to the designer frames listed here, our optical also offers a wide selection of advanced lens coatings and treatments including blue light protection, anti glare, scratch resistant coating,  UV protection and more. 

  • Alain Mikli
  • Starck
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Francis Klein
  • Lacoste
  • Chloe
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Calvin Klein
  • Nine West
  • DVF
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Dragon
  • Nicole Miller
  • Nike
  • Kate Spade
  • Juicy Couture
  • OGI
  • Seraphin
  • Police
  • Flexon
  • Safilo
  • Oakley (ophthalmic only, no sunglasses)
  • Coming soon, John Varvatos and Fendi

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optometrist4 calendar-day-light Not Your Ordinary Eye Doctor

We strive to be "not your ordinary eye doctor", meaning that not only do we care for your eye health and vision, our goal is to be a force of good for the community. Over the years we have been blessed to work with many different groups and community organizations in Westerville. In addition to our community work, our commitment to being more than your ordinary eye doctor has been recognized when we won the prestigious Transition International Innovation Award for Patient Experience, the only private practice that was nominated for this award.

Learn more about what makes our Westerville Office, Not Your Ordinary Eye Doctor  

contact contact Huge Selection of Contact Lenses

Our Westerville optical is stocked with the latest contact lens options from all the major brands. We have a comprehensive selection of daily contact lenses, which represent the advancements in daily contact lens design improving water retention, breathability, and comfort. Our eye doctors and optical staff will walk you through the variety of options explaining the benefits of each type and recommending contact lenses that fit with your needs. 

In addition to daily, monthly, and long term wear contact lenses, we also offer advanced contact lenses for even the hardest to fit patients. Our doctors have extensive experience fitting advanced contact lenses such as Toric lenses for Astigmatism, Scleral lenses for Keratoconus and corneal irregularities, multifocal contact lenses for myopia and presbyopia, and Ortho K lenses for myopia management and as a LASIK alternative. 

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charity-hand-eye-light charity-hand-eye-light Our Approach To Patient Care

Our Values & Commitment To Every Patient

At Professional VisionCare in Westerville, we are committed to a patient experience like no other. Our commitment extends to all aspects of our practice, from our technology, to our medical and routine eyecare services, and our optical products.

Our team of eye doctors, opticians, and staff take the time to understand each patients needs, answer your questions, and provide the highest quality care. Our eye doctors see vision as more than 20/20, vision care to our eye doctors includes your comfort, protection from environmental and lifestyle risks, and your functional vision.  Our commitment to exceptional care, without exception, translates into an office that is both fun, efficient, and that uses the most advanced technology and procedures available. We thank you for choosing us and we hope to show you why our motto is "Not Your Ordinary Eye Doctor".  

Professional VisionCare Westerville OH

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  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Eyecare Services in Westerville

We offer all you need for sharp vision and healthy eyes in Westerville, OH. Our team of optometrists is highly qualified to provide medical eye care, emergency eye care, and optical services – always with a friendly smile and caring attitude. We welcome patients of all ages, and we bring top-notch skill and years of professional experience to every appointment.

Regular eye exams are essential, even if you have no visual complaints. Our Westerville, OH, eye care centers are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure precise diagnoses. We will check your visual acuity and eye health thoroughly, looking out for any signs of eye disease, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, or glaucoma. If you suffer eye irritation, we will inspect for any conditions like dry eye or computer vision in order to provide effective treatment. No matter what you need, you will benefit from personalized attention and individualized treatment.

For vision correction, choose a pair of designer frames from our boutique optical or schedule a contact lens fitting to purchase lenses from our premium selection. If you have a hard-to-fit eye condition, we offer specialty lenses, such as sclerals and ortho-k, and our eye doctors will work with you patiently until a good, comfortable fit is found. With cutting-edge eye care and convenient, modern offices in Westerville, OH, our team is passionate about optimizing your sight!

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Professional VisionCare provides comprehensive eye exams for patients of all ages. Our commitment to our patients extends far beyond simply checking their prescription. Our optometrists use the latest technology to assess the overall eye health of each patient and discuss the patient's lifestyle to address potential risks and prevention. Our optometrists will spend time with each patient to provide the most comprehensive eye exam possible, using the latest technology for diagnosis and testing. No matter the age, you will experience a team of eye doctors that are committed to the value of treating each patient like family. 

Learn more about Comprehensive Eye Exams

Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lenses for Almost Everyone

Our optometrists offer an extensive selection of contact lenses for patients of all ages and conditions. If you have had previous discomfort with your current contacts or are looking for the latest in contact lens design, including custom lenses for Keratoconus, contacts for dry eye sufferers, contact lenses for myopia control, night time wear contacts as an alternative to LASIK, and contact lenses for presbyopia, our optometrists have the solution for you. Our optometrists will not only assess the prescription needed for fitting you with contact lenses, but they will also take the time to discuss your lifestyle needs to provide the best options tailored to you. 

eye peeking from fern_1280x480 640x241

LASIK & Refractive Surgery

Be Glasses Free!

If you are considering taking the step towards getting glasses and contact lens free with LASIK or other surgeries, give us a call first. Our optometrists have extensive experience with the co-management of eye surgeries such as LASIK. In addition to LASIK, we also offer a LASIK alternative called Ortho K or CRT, custom contact lenses that are worn only while sleeping, leaving your glasses and contact lens free the whole day without the need for surgery or the potential for complications. Never has the time been right for getting rid of your glasses or contacts if you are considering surgery or surgery alternatives such as Ortho K/CRT schedule an appointment to talk to our caring and knowledgeable optometrists today.

Eye Emergencies (Pink/Red Eyes)

Eye Emergencies (Pink/Red Eyes)

Emergency Eye Care

If you are experiencing an eye emergency of any kind, call Professional VisionCare for further guidance. Our eye doctors have extensive experience and the latest technology to diagnose and treat a wide variety of eye emergencies such as eye infections/pink eye, scratches to the eye, minor cuts in the eye, stye/bumps in the eye, eye pain, things stuck in the eye, chemical spills in the eye, and much more. In many cases, our eye doctor has more experience and better technology to deal with emergency eye care than an emergency room or urgent care facility. 

Learn more about Eye Emergencies 

Eye Condition Treatment

Comprehensive Medical Eyecare

Focused On Your Health

Our optometrists stress the importance of proactive eye care. By scheduling eye exams as recommended by the American Optometric Association, you can prevent irreversible vision loss and keep your eyes feeling healthy and happy. Our optometrists use the latest technology to assess your eye health and help patients with Diabetes, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Presbyopia, Macular Degeneration, Myopia, Keratoconus, and other conditions to reduce risks associated with these conditions. Our eye doctors have extensive experience with all aspects of medical eyecare, including pediatric focused eyecare and vision therapy. 

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Eye Disease Management

Our Optical

Get WOWED At Our Optical

At our Optical, we know that glasses are about so much more than just picking the first pair you see. Our experienced opticians help each patient to find a pair that matches their unique style, face shape, and budget so that you leave with a smile on your face. In addition to an incredible selection of designer frames, we will also help you navigate the options for lens coatings such as blue light protection, UV protection, and anti-glare. Because of our commitment to every patient's experience, we are very selective about the frame lines we carry, choosing only those lines that meet our high standards. 

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Optical Boutique

Our Specialty Eye Care Services

Dry Eye
Dry Eye Treatment

If you suffer from dry eye symptoms such as crusty, watery, itchy, uncomfortable/painful eyes, give us a call today! Our optometrists will assess the cause of your dry eye symptoms provide a comprehensive treatment plan that takes a holistic approach to your eye comfort. Rather than just prescribe a medication and send you on your way, our optometrists will advise each patient on lifestyle changes, prevention tips, and medication or treatment options that not only treat the symptoms, but also prevent further complications. 

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dry eye with tear contact lens
Scleral Contact Lenses

Many patients have been told that they are just not a candidate for contact lenses. At Professional VisionCare, our optometrists fit some of the most advanced contact lenses for even the hardest to fit patient. Scleral lenses are an example of advanced contact lens design, these custom lenses provide a new optical surface for patients with Keratoconus, corneal irregularities, high astigmatism, and post eye surgery complications. Sclerals unique design means that you can see better than ever, with more comfort than ever, while wearing custom contact lenses. 

Learn more about Scleral Lenses. 

redhead girl with blue eyes
Ortho K/CRT

Our eye doctors fit custom contact lenses that are worn at night while the patient sleeps. During the day the patient has perfect vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. These contacts are called Ortho K lenses or CRT lenses, and are generally used for two main purposes.

Myopia Management

Myopia or nearsightedness in children is fast becoming a major concern for eye doctors everywhere. While traditionally optometrists would update the child's prescription and send them on their way, today research clearly shows that letting myopia progress over the pre-teen and teen years will highly increase the risk of vision loss from retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts, and many other serious eye diseases. Our optometrists urge parents of children with myopia to start as early as possible a myopia control program, such as Ortho K/CRT lenses that greatly reduces the risk to your child's vision, by slowing down the progression of myopia by around 50%. 

LASIK Alternative

Many patients appreciate the option to go without glasses and contact lens, but are concerned about surgery or are not eligible. For many athletes, first responders, construction workers, and others, the option to wear contact lenses while you sleep is the perfect choice. 

Learn more about Myopia Control

Woman Sunglasses Closeup 1280x853 1280x480

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More About Westerville

Professional VisionCare is located on State Street and E Walnut Street, and the first site to see when you visit our optometry office is the giant dinosaur in view from State Street. Westerville, OH, is located only 16 miles from downtown Columbus, and there are plenty of fantastic local things to do!

Westerville, OH, is home to Otterbein University. Even if you’re not a student, Otterbein has a scenic campus to explore, with splendid old architecture and stained glass. Towers Hall is the most notable building, added to the National Registry of Historic Places. We also recommend catching a show at the Otterbein College Theatre, one of the best college theatres in the country.

Don’t miss a visit to the Hoover Dam, in Westerville. There is a large visitor’s center and bypass bridge, and you can take a guided tour. Adventure-seekers can actually tour the area by helicopter too! Watching the ice melt in the spring is a wonderful time to come.

Inniswood Metro Gardens is an attractive area for strolling through the woods or along a wooden boardwalk to enjoy many themed gardens. Kids can play in the treehouse and play areas. Another lovely place for a Westerville, OH, family walk is in Blendon Woods Park. Bring a picnic and look out for wild turkeys strutting along the paths.

The Good Vibes Winery is a popular urban eatery in Westerville where you can enjoy wine tastings, live music, and munch on a plate of cheese. You can also participate in a wine crafting workshop and take your custom-made bottle home. For a tasty, mouthwatering meal, we love the classy atmosphere and eclectic experience at Asterisk’s Supper Club! And to satisfy your sweet tooth, there is Graeter’s Ice Cream parlor, with a variety of handcrafted creamy confections.

Before and after your visit to our fabulous eye care center, we hope you take some time to enjoy Westerville, OH, as much as we do!

The appointment scheduler is currently under maintenance, you can call or text us today to schedule your appointment at 614-898-9989