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Contact Lenses To Fit Your Lifestyle

One of the most common criteria for choosing eyewear nowadays is appearance. Most people select the eyewear that they think looks best on their face – be it designer eyeglasses or contact lenses. As myopia (nearsightedness) continues to grow as a global epidemic, adults of all ages are constantly in the market for new eyewear – and the development of superior materials and engineering has led to a popularity boom for contact lenses.

A wide range of contacts is now available to fit almost all vision prescriptions and ocular conditions. Whether you suffer from dry eye, need contact lenses for computer use, or prefer daily disposables because you’re constantly on-the-go, our Lewis Center, OH, eye doctors can match you with the contact lens cut out for your needs. To keep you informed about the options, here is a brief overview of different timely issues to consider.

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Lewis Center Contact Lenses

There is a variety of reasons to buy contact lenses instead of glasses. In addition to showing off your natural beauty, contacts provide crisp visual acuity and wide peripheral vision – with no bothersome frames in the way. When playing sports or spending time outdoors on a hot, sunny day, contacts eliminate the nuisance of glasses slipping down your sweaty nose. Regardless of your personal reasons for wearing contacts, our Lewis Center eye doctors will fit you precisely with the best lenses for your vision and eye health.

Our eye care specialists are qualified and experienced in fitting contact lenses – even for the most hard-to-fit vision conditions. We will use the latest optometric technologies to check your vision and measure your eyes. Your contact lens fitting will determine the ideal lens power and size of contacts that you need, as well as evaluate your ocular health. Some pre-existing conditions require a particular type or material of contact lenses, and we will take all of this into consideration when giving you a prescription.

It is common for a contact lens fitting to include a short trial and error process to pinpoint the best contacts for each individual. Once we fit you with the most suitable lenses, our Lewis Center optometrists will provide detailed instructions on proper insertion, removal, and disinfection of your contacts. We will not send you home with your new contact lenses until your vision is clear and you feel confident and comfortable!

Many patients begin their visit with our eye doctors by sharing that years ago they were told they’d never be able to wear contact lenses. Nowadays, we are happy to tell you that most of this is no longer true for most people! The development of high-tech engineering and modern materials has led to the availability of many new contact lens types to suit the most complex eye conditions.

We carry these contact lenses in our Lewis Center optometry office:

  • Soft Contacts: These are the mostpopular type. Soft lenses are available in many wearing schedules; includingdaily disposable lenses (dailies), daily wear lenses, weekly, monthly andextended wear versions. Whether you buy contact lenses that must be discardeddaily or monthly is often a lifestyle preference. All kinds are typicallycomfortable within seconds after the first insertion. Colored soft contactlenses are also available in a range of cosmetic tints.
  • Hard Contacts (rigid gas permeable/GP):  Hard lenses provide acute eyesight for many complex vision conditions. They feature high oxygen permeability, which decreases the risk of eye infections. However, they have a much longer adaptation period than soft lenses.
  • Bifocal/Multifocal Contacts:  These lenses have different zones that correspond to different lens powers for near and distant vision. They are appropriate for people with presbyopia.
  • Scleral Lenses: Standard contact lenses cannot fit on an eye with keratoconus or an irregular cornea. Scleral lenses, which bridge over the cornea and rest on the whites of your eye, are an ideal, comfortable solution.
  • Toric Lenses:  When the cornea has more than one curve, it is diagnosed as astigmatism. This vision condition requires customized specialty toric lenses.  
  • Ortho-k Lenses: Used for corneal reshaping therapy, ortho-k lenses enable you to see clearly during the daytime with no eyewear. They are also a proven method of myopia control for kids. Ask our Lewis Center eye doctors about orthokeratology; we will determine if you are a good candidate for this breakthrough method of vision correction.

Benefits Of Daily Disposable Lenses

In case you’re not familiar with how dailies work, the process is simple:
open a package of contact lenses in the morning, insert them, wear all day long, and toss them out at night. The next morning, begin again. That’s it. There is no need to buy daily disinfectants and there is no time-consuming maintenance. The basic benefits include:

Smooth Comfort

you insert a fresh pair of contacts daily, which means there is no time for debris or deposits to accumulate on the lenses. This is particularly important for people who have eye allergies, as it decreases the amount of irritants and pollen that sticks to the contact lens.

Superior Eye Health

research studies show that daily disposables lead to less contact lens related complications, such as eye irritation and infection.


you will not need to invest in costly contact lens cleaning solutions. Also, if you only wear your daily disposables a few times per week, you’ll save money.

Convenient and Easy-to-Use

your days are busy enough, it can be hard to find time for a contact lens disinfecting routine. Caring for dailies involves nothing more than insertion and removal. This also makes daily disposables perfect for travel, with no need to pack supplies.

Sharp Vision

studies demonstrate that vision quality with daily disposables is higher than when wearing conventional contacts. More good news is that dailies are available in a wide range of vision prescriptions too.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision is a common problem that is becoming more and more prevalent. Also known as Digital Eye Strain, this vision condition can cause blurry vision, headaches, dry eye, eye strain, and neck and shoulder pain. Flickering blue light, which is emitted by all digital screens, contributes to this problem.

It doesn’t matter whether you are reading a tablet, texting on your smartphone, or gaming on a laptop, the severity of symptoms is typically in proportion with the amount of time spent gazing at a digital screen. Dry eye is the most common computer vision complaint for contact lens wearers.

Follow our tips above to help alleviate any dry eye discomfort. Specialized contact lenses with blue light protection are now available; ask our Lewis Center optical staff for more information.

Computer Vision Syndrome1

Some people worry that contact lenses and computers are not a good match. However, if you take care to keep your eyes well lubricated, it is generally fine. The main issues with combining contact lenses and computers are dry eyes and computer vision.

Dry Eye Syndrome

People tend to blink less when viewing a computer screen. Since blinking is critical for replenishing your moist tear film, insufficient blinking can lead to dry eyes. And if you wear contact lenses, this can exacerbate your dry eyes and increase the level of irritation.

Remembering to blink, staying hydrated by drinking enough, and applying artificial tears eye drops can solve the problem for many people. Other people may need to limit the amount of hours spent wearing contacts while working with digital tech. Also, some types of contacts are more suitable for computer usage than others.

If you find that your vision is uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses for computer work, visit our Lewis Center, OH, eye doctor for an eye exam. We can recommend an alternative type of contact lens that is better suited for dry eyes.


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Buy Contact Lenses Near You

We stock an extensive inventory of quality, brand-name contact lenses in our Lewis Center optical store. If you are interested in starting with contacts, call to schedule your eye exam. If you already have an up-to-date vision prescription, stop by anytime to replenish your supply.

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