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Eye Care Services

Our state-of-the-art eye care center serves patients from Olentangy, Delaware, and Powell. We have options for every eye care need. We offer optical services such as dry eye treatment, contact lenses, options to be contact lens and glasses-free, and children’s eye exams. The knowledgeable staff at our eye care office will be able to assist you with whatever your optical needs are


The eyewear you need is important to you. They should show you as a person, and our eye care office has just what you need. We offer a wide variety of frame options from brands and designers you know and trust. The staff at Lewis Center are here to assist you with choosing the frames that are right for you. Stop in or call ahead for an appointment, and let us help you with your eyewear needs.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses make life with vision issues easier and more enjoyable. They offer convenience and ease to your lifestyle. We use the latest technology to ensure that you are receiving the best fit possible for your unique eye. Lenses are available for hard to fit patients requiring unique contact lens options.

Lewis Center Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam looks at, not only your visual acuity but also the general health of your eyes. Many vision diseases slowly progress, and noticing their symptoms are not always possible, since your eyes adjust to the issues. Scheduling an eye exam at our Lewis Center is recommended at least every two years, unless you have certain medical conditions or require corrective lenses. In those cases, once a year is recommended for an eye exam. The optometrists in our office will check for vision issues such as:

  • glaucoma
  • macular degeneration
  • diabetic retinopathy.

Our optometrists will use a series of testing to check your eyes and keep your eyes at their best.

Eye Exams For Children

Children should follow the same guidelines for eye exams as adults. At our office, we strive to make your child’s eye exam as enjoyable as possible. Our optometrists are trained to exam little eyes, and they understand the importance of catching childhood eye disease early to reduce complications later in life. We offer exams as early at 6 months old and up.

Special Needs Eye Care

At Lewis Center we are trained to exam individuals with special needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, and Cerbral Palsy. Patients with special needs often have eye conditions which can be improved if handled early. Our vision therapy services are perfect for individuals who need special treatment.

Dry Eye Treatment in Lewis Center, OH

Dry eyes are uncomfortable and can lead to several eye complications. Symptoms of dry eye include:

  • Burning/Itching/Stinging eyes
  • Excessive/watery eyes
  • Gritty feeling in the eye
  • Crusty or gunky eyes
  • Vision changes
  • Sore eyes
  • Sensitivity to light

Our office has options available to patients who suffer from dry eyes. We offer several dry eye treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or consultation.

Eye Emergency

Eye emergencies happen to everyone at some point. The key is to have an eye care team n your corner who is quick to act and delivers the results you need in an emergency. Our eye care staff is trained to accommodate all sorts of eye emergencies.

Critical Symptoms:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Sudden double vision
  • Sudden red/painful eye
  • Pink Eye
  • New onset flashes and/or floaters
  • Foreign body in the eye (metal or chemicals)

If you experience any of these symptoms, please contact our office at once, day or night, to received emergency care.

  • Do not use cotton of any kind to try to remove an object
  • Do not use tweezers or such to remove the object
  • Do not rub the eye
  • Do not try to remove any object embedded in your eye

Vision therapy

Vision Therapy is teaching the brain and eyes to work more effectively together as a team. We treat various eye problems including:

  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
  • Strabismus (Eye alignments, wandering/cross-eye)
  • Binocular Vision Problems (issues causing eye strain and fatigue)
  • Accommodating Focusing/Adaptive Problems related to eye strain
  • Vision issues due to brain damage, injury, or stroke

We also offer vision therapy to allow greater freedom from your glasses or contacts. Contact our office to learn more.

Myopia Control and CRT

Our eye care office offers treatment for Myopia control. Myopia is a near vision problem that affects many people. We offer Orth-K lenses at our offices to give patients more freedom while managing myopia. The lenses care worn at nighttime, and the patient does not need corrective therapy during the daytime. Contact our eye care office today to see if Ortho-K is a choice for you.

Specialty Eyewear

When doing different types of recreational activities, it is important to use protective eyewear. Professional VisionCare Lewis Center offers a variety of specialty eyewear to accommodate even the most avid sportsperson. We offer a wide range of swim goggles, sports and safety glasses, shooting glasses and hunting eyewear, and contacts or glasses to enhance your sporting performance.

The appointment scheduler is currently under maintenance, you can call or text us today to schedule your appointment at 614-898-9989