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In addition to our monthly article, we invite you to keep up-to-date on the latest vision news from our Practice by perusing the items in our News & Events calendar below.

What Does Lack of Sleep Do to Your Eyes?

Is Myopia Management Worth The Financial Investment?

Can You Wear Contacts With Corneal Dystrophy?

Is It Okay To Wear Expired Contact Lenses?

3 Effective Ways to Relieve Dry Eyes

What Are the 5 Most Common Dry Eye Symptoms?

Back To School: 3 Ways Your Child Can Avoid Digital Eye Strain | Professional VisionCare

Are Your Child’s Eyes Ready For The New School Year?

Giving Vision Therapy The Attention It Deserves

5 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

How Hot Weather Affects Your Contact Lenses

LASIK Complications: How Scleral Lenses Can Help You Regain Clear Vision

How to Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Myopia

4 Eye Conditions Linked To Sun Exposure

Start The Year Right With A Pediatric Eye Exam

What Lens Color Is Best For Sunglasses?

5 Reasons We Love Photochromic Lenses

Why Get Custom Contact Lenses?

How Does High Myopia Affect Eye Health?

Why All Kids with ADHD Should Have Their Eyes Examined

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