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Contact Lens Stuck In Your Eye? Don’t Panic!

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Getting your contact lens stuck in your eye is a common occurrence, but it's not something to panic about. In most cases, it's easy to get the lens out again.

Symptoms of a Lodged Contact Lens

Here are some signs that your contact lens may be stuck in your eye:

  • Red, irritated eyes
  • A sharp, scratching pain in your eye
  • Difficulty opening your eyes without experiencing pain or irritation
  • A burning sensation in one or both of your eyes

Removing a Stuck Soft Contact Lens

Here's how to remove a stuck soft contact lens:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Try to locate the contact lens in your eye. If it's centered on your eye, it's probably just dried out. Simply rinse your eye under a steady stream of saline solution, contact lens rewetting drops, or multipurpose solution for a few seconds. This will rehydrate the lens and soften it up again.
  3. If the contact lens is stuck on one side of your eye, move your eye in the opposite direction of where the lens is. For example, if the lens feels like it's off to the right, look left.
  4. Gently massage your eyelids and blink frequently. This will help to dislodge the lens and move it to the center of your eye.
  5. Once the lens moves freely, you can remove it as you normally would.

Removing a Stuck Gas-Permeable Contact Lens

Here's how to remove a stuck GP contact lens:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. If the GP lens is stuck on the white of your eye, gently press your eye with the pad of your finger just outside the edge of the lens. This should break the suction that's keeping the contact stuck in the eye.
  3. You can also purchase a small suction cup at the drugstore to help remove a stuck GP contact lens.

Can't Get the Stuck Contact Lens Out?

If your contact lens remains stuck despite efforts to remove it, contact your eye doctor. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will contact lenses melt with heat?
A: No, contact lenses will not melt with common heat.

Q: Why might contact lenses be a good alternative to glasses?
A: Contact lenses can be a better choice than glasses for some people because they provide a wider field of vision, are more comfortable, and don't get wet in the rain or fog up in cold weather.

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