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Detecting Lazy Eye In Your Child

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Amblyopia, commonly known as “lazy eye,” is a neuro-developmental visual condition that typically surfaces in early childhood, before the age of 8. A child with a lazy eye will have one eye that hasn’t achieved normal visual acuity.

A lazy eye is often hard to detect because it doesn’t produce obvious symptoms, like an eye turn. Of course, the only sure way to properly diagnose a lazy eye is through a functional eye exam with your eye doctor.


Here are some signs that a child may have a lazy eye:

  1. Difficulty reading — amblyopia can cause a child to lose their place while reading, skip words, reread words or sentences, and misread words.
  2. Head turning  —  a child with a lazy eye will often turn their head to the side so that their dominant eye gets a better view.
  3. Prone to accidents — poor depth perception is typical with amblyopia, which can lead to behavior that resembles clumsiness.
  4. Attention difficulties — any activity that requires prolonged visual attention will be a strain on a child with a lazy eye.
  5. Problems doing math — When a child with a lazy eye sees several math problems closely stacked on a page, they may have difficulty seeing the numbers accurately as a result of blurry or double vision.
  6. Frequent eye rubbing or squinting — these may be coping mechanisms to try and help the affected eye see more clearly.

If your child displays any of the above behaviors, an eye exam may be in order. Early detection can ensure the most effective treatment and best outcomes for your child’s vision.

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