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Welcome To Our Optical Collection: Eyeglasses

Maximize the potential of your eyewear!

Nowadays, eyeglasses are a stylish, efficient way to give you the look that you want.

Whether you are aiming for a no-nonsense, intellectual appearance or casual and innovative, we have the perfect designer eyeglasses in our Lewis Center, OH, optical store.

Do you prefer your face a natural? We also stock a full inventory of contact lenses, including disposable lenses and dailies to meet the needs of all lifestyles. Stop by anytime, our optical team looks forward to fitting you with crystal-clear vision and an eye-catching look.

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Accepting New Patients at our office located in Mount Carmel building in Lewis Center

Located at 7100 Graphics Way Suite 3200, Lewis Center, OH, 43035

Near Olentangy and Powell.

Designer Eyewear for Long Lasting Style

Do you spend hours per day staring at a digital screen?


Are you an avid outdoor sports player?


Perhaps you are always behind the wheel, traveling for work or leisure?


Tell us about yourself, and we’ll match you with the ideal designer eyewear to complement your personal taste and daily activities. We feature the most popular trending names in eyeglasses and sunglasses, such as Chloe, Maui Jim, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Flexon, Nike Eyewear, Coach, and many more favorites. Why limit yourself to one pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses? Workdays, weekends, and special occasions all have different fashion demands; we’ll help you choose a variety of designer eyewear to coordinate with your entire wardrobe.

All of our glasses are constructed with durable engineering and modern materials. Choose from resilient plastics, premium metals, and optional lens treatments (such as scratch-resistant and glare-free coatings) – all of which help your designer eyewear withstand the rigors of time and wear.

Specialty Eyeglasses and Sunglasses



Mau Jim

Kate Spade



Do you spend hours per day staring at a digital screen?
Are you an avid outdoor sports player? Perhaps you are always behind the wheel, traveling for work or leisure?
Our Lewis Center, OH, the optical store offers a range of specialized glasses, such as sports eyewear, sunglasses with polarized lenses, and computer glasses.
Nowadays, overexposure to blue light is a common hazard to eye health, because all computers and digital tech emit it.
Ask us about the protective benefits of computer glasses, we’ll be pleased to fit you with a pair. Specialty designer eyewear can upgrade your vision in all conditions, as well as ease the strain and health risks on your eyes.

eye contact lens

These days, there are contact lenses available for everyone. Modern engineering has led to a wide array of comfortable types, such as soft contacts, rigid gas permeable, disposable lenses and dailies. However, contacts are not one-size-fits-all, and it is essential to wear the right kind for your ocular condition and vision prescription. Our Lewis Center eye doctor will perform a thorough examination of your vision and eye health to recommend the most suitable type of contact lenses. Some of our patients prefer the versatility of disposable lenses and dailies, while other people require the durability of conventional vial lenses. Pop in anytime to replenish your supply, or call in advance to book a precise contact lens fitting.

Find the Right Eyewear – with No Rush

When you visit our Lewis Center, OH, eye care center to purchase new eyeglasses and sunglasses, we won’t pressure you to make a hasty decision. Shopping for eyewear can take time, and we want you to select the designer eyewear that conveys your unique spirit with a look that you love!

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