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Dr. Kimberly Weisenberger


Dr. Kimberly Weisenberger completed her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2014. She then continued her education at The Ohio State University, where she graduated first in her class to obtain her Doctor of Optometry degree in May 2018.

Dr. Weisenberger is currently in her first year of an Advanced Practice Fellowship in Cornea and Contact Lenses at The Ohio State University, where she is working towards a Master's degree in Vision Science. Dr. Weisenberger additionally serves as a clinical instructor at Ohio State where she oversees third and fourth-year students in various clinical settings.

Dr. Weisenberger has a passion for contact lenses and has experience fitting specialty contact lenses for a variety of conditions which cause irregularity of the front surface of the eyes. She also fits corneal reshaping lenses, which are contact lenses worn at nighttime to correct nearsightedness during the day.

In her free time, Dr. Weisenberger enjoys trying the many restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries that Columbus has to offer. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Important Notice

March 18th, 2020

Professional VisionCare and The Solution Center realize that COVID-19 is impacting all of our lives.  Please know that we stand with you, your families and our entire community during this difficult time.

Safety is our primary concern, safety for you, your loved ones, our team and our community.  To ensure the highest level of safety we are following a directive by the CDC which we received last evening to postpone all non-essential vision care, this means, all routine eye examinations will be postponed until after the virus has been contained. We will be available to see anyone that has an eye emergency.  If you have an eye problem, we will assess your individual concern and speak with you personally to determine the appropriate care.

If you have an appointment scheduled with us, you will be contacted by phone.  If we are unable to reach you by phone, we will send an email and a text.  We will first be calling patients who are scheduled in the next 2 weeks and continue to reach out to all patients as the landscape changes.

We genuinely care for all of you and all that we serve alongside. We will always do what is in the best interest of our patients and our team.  We will keep you informed as changes occur or as we have news to share.  Please be safe and take all necessary precautions, we are in this together and we will make it through.

Blessings to all of you,

The Doctors and Staff at Professional VisionCare