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Why the Dinosaur?

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In 1994, Professional VisionCare built a beautiful new building on State Street in Westerville, Ohio. This location is best known for its 12 foot T-Rex dinosaur in the front window.

But why the Dinosaur?

It all began when Dr. Carole Burns was shopping at an exclusive toy store with her husband, Dr. Mark Wright, in the Columbus City Center Mall. There, she noticed a 12-foot T-Rex dinosaur which was beautifully painted in lavender.

It was love at first sight!

Where Did We Find Dino?

Dr. Burns thought it would be perfect for the new Westerville location and was eager to purchase it. However, she and her husband were told it was not possible to buy the dinosaur as it was part of the decor and not up for sale.

A gentleman shopping in the store overheard her conversation with the store manager. He noticed Dr. Burns’ disappointment and said, “I heard that you want the dinosaur. As it happens, I like to work with wood. Why don’t I make one for you?”

Crafted by Columbus local weatherman, Chad Myers – now a CNN meteorologist.

The beloved dinosaur has been part of Professional Vision Care for the last 24 years and serves as a symbol of our commitment to every single patient and our community.

Our Westerville Mascot for 24 Years

Hand Crafted

Chad Myers spent months handcrafting our 12-foot dino based on his own design

The giant dino is visible from the street on 185 S State Street in Westerville

Unique Mascot | Unique Practice

We are driven to be a force of positive change in our community

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